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Shimano SH R088 Shoes Black, 52.0

Shimano SH-TR60 Mens Shoes White/Black, 43.0

Shimano SH-TR60 Men's Shoes White/Black, 43.0

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You cant put a price on comfort during the course of a triathlon. However, you also have to walk the razors edge between too comfortable and too dynamically-driven. Luckily, no one understands this... [more info]
Shimano SH-R260 Shoes - Mens Black, 40.0

Shimano SH-R260 Shoes - Men's Black, 40.0

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High-performance racing demands a different kind of shoe than casual touring, and Shimanos SH-R260 Shoe is set up to deliver tons of comfort and plenty of power for riders who demand the best. A... [more info]
Shimano SH-M089 Cycling Shoe - Mens Black, 43.0

Shimano SH-M089 Cycling Shoe - Men's Black, 43.0

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Most recreational riders dont need a shoe quiver, but its still sweet to have kicks that can handle everything from cruises to race day. Shimanos SH-M089 Mountain Bike Shoes excel when the going gets... [more info]
Shimano SH-RP300 Cycling Shoe - Womens Black, 38.0

Shimano SH-RP300 Cycling Shoe - Women's Black, 38.0

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Youve got a list about a mile long of cycling stuff to buy, filled with tips from friends who are thrilled youre finally becoming a roadie. As it turns out, cycling involves a little more than just... [more info]
Shimano SH-M089 Cycling Shoe - Wide - Mens Black, 45.0

Shimano SH-M089 Cycling Shoe - Wide - Men's Black, 45.0

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Unless youre a Lycra-clad XC pro or touring the enduro circuit, chances are a day in the saddle spans all manner of terrain and conditions. Shimanos SH-M089 Wide Mens Cycling Shoe may seem out of... [more info]
Shimano SH-MT44 Shoes - Mens Black, 45.0

Shimano SH-MT44 Shoes - Men's Black, 45.0

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Shimanos SH-MT44 Shoes offer the comfort and versatility necessary for a day of recreational riding. For the SH-MT44s uppers, Shimano used a combination of synthetic leather and stretch-resistant... [more info]
Shimano SH-AM900 Cycling Shoe - Mens Black, 40.0

Shimano SH-AM900 Cycling Shoe - Men's Black, 40.0

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Heading out for a day of rowdy descents requires shoes that can keep up with frequent sections of rough trail, split-second decisions to clip out or step off, and pedaling hard through fire road... [more info]
Shimano SH-RP9 Cycling Shoes - Wide - Mens Black El, 44.0

Shimano SH-RP9 Cycling Shoes - Wide - Men's Black El, 44.0

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If youre tired of being the one guy on your group ride whos constantly adjusting dials and straps in the hopes of making your shoes feel bearable for a few miles, we have good news. While cycling... [more info]
Shimano SH-WM53 Cycling Shoe - Womens Black, 37.0

Shimano SH-WM53 Cycling Shoe - Women's Black, 37.0

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The Shimano SH-WM53 Womens Mountain Bike Shoes feature clean styling and an outsole stiffness index of five out of 12, which sits in the middle of the spectrum between comfort and competition. In... [more info]